Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Never Say Goodbye

Not really sure if anyone comes here anymore.. it's almost criminal how I totally let this blog die, but that was partly due to the internet settings imposed by a fascist regime (my college). I feel ambivalent towards the new changes, now I'm finally allowed to blog, but at the cost of speed. My net's down from 8 MBPS to an absolutely crippling 512 kbps, which too is unreliable.

Anyway, more music has been downloaded. But again, in the EDM frontier. It's crazy how popular this genre has become. It almost been an eon since I first heard something like 'I Remember' by Deadmau5 and Kaskade on the radio. Well, actually it was 2009, but 4 years has totally changed the landscape of music. The worst part about is frankly all the newbies acting like they're cooler if they've heard Avicii - their snobbishness and judgmental attitude upon seeing guys like me as if we're the new ones and they are the veterans. Maybe it's just a passing fad for them.

Prominence of house has risen tremendously, and trance has taken a backseat - don't argue with me, sirs, it's just true. Even greats like Armin van Buuren and Tiesto have shifted to House or something that the new kids call Trance 2.0. Rihanna and Flo Rida remixes by Hardwell is one matter, but Chris Brown songs produced by Showtek? Now that's a shocker.

The last concert I attended was one in Goa, on Candolim Beach. It was a nice balanced set by David Guetta, sweeping from the Dutch House tunes of Afrojack,Sidney Samson and Chuckie to his own popular mainstream songs. He didn't do much with the DJ console though, just twisting and turning the volume and filter knobs. I figure that most of his mash-ups were the pre-existing ones that he played in other sets. But I guess it didn't matter. Titanium, Goa, starlit skies, and couples kissing, holding hands, friends laughing and smiling and singing along, a smorgasbord of great tunes and absolutely spectacular production and pyrotechnics - only a few can complain.

I was pretty much on my own that night, guessing all the tracks and feeling instantly better when I heard the gems coming (like Mark Knight's mix of You've Got The Love by Florence + The Machine). Needless to say I found taking pictures to be quite a useless affair so I'm sticking to the ones that the event page shared, and they do show how good this event was. Oh, and it's great to be in a college that gives away free passes to concerts like this. We love our affiliation with Sunburn! 

 Hopefully more events as well managed (Kudos to Superstar, was it Superstar? Hmm.) as this become commonplace and we can have more artists coming here. Fact is, they've already started to trickle in - SHM, Laidback Luke, Hardwell and TiĆ«sto came here (albeit separately over a period of a few months).

I also had the pleasure of streaming Weekend 2 of UMF and absolutely loved Hardwell's set, which inspired me to name the post 'Never Say Goodbye'. It features Hardwell & Dyro at their progressive best with Heather Bright supplying words with her pipes. It's well - produced and almost instantly likeable, a definite festival anthem as soon as it comes out.

And that's all for now. I hope to talk sooner rather than latter. Take care.

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