Tuesday, September 13, 2011

#11 : Hiatus.

Yet again. 

I'm pausing my blogging activity for a while. I don't have my own laptop in college yet, or my own internet connection, so I use others' laptops and the college network.
It's painstaking to use alternate methods to access blogger due to a idiotic server that doesn't allow me to download songs, access Youtube, Facebook or Blogger . I can tweet a little from my phone @ItsALilFuckedUp but that's just about it. 

I can only access some of these websites through loopholes in the browser, or by using a proxy that is slower than a thermodynamic quasi-static process. And all the tweets are obviously not music - related. I'm yet to try the Library wi-fi which I could use to download some of my podcasts, but the speed is an archaic 25 kb/s, 40 kb/s if I'm lucky.

Then there's the time factor. I'm getting no time to talk much to friends or family, let alone scrounge for new music in the dark dungeons of the interwebs. College is consuming most of my time and the T1 exams start day after tomorrow. 

So do bear with me, I'm a terrible blogger.

Wait a second. Did I post this on my blog? Yes, it's old. And it's got pretty popular. But still.

And if I'm not mistaken, I'm listen to the AN21 and Max Vangeli mix on DJ Slander's podcast (Newport House Mafia, Vol. 5). Check it out. It's been out since 2 months and I heard it only yesterday.