Thursday, August 19, 2010

#3 : Rock-A-Thon


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Moving on.
Why are the songs of aforesaid 12 year old girl still in the Top 100 Charts? From the behalf of all those who hate Bieber and are sick and tired of Bieberfever, I dedicate this song to him.


The whole pop/hip-hop effect is irritating my core. What happened to good ol' rock? Jammin' with your buddies over beer [Oh come on, you've had beer. And you're not 25], having sex [Not quite sure if you've had sex, but the age limit's a lot lower ;) ],throwing up infront of a live audience [No age limits] ,killing a few lady gaga's once in a while and so on.. sometimes I feel like we've left all those things behind and moved onto an era where everything is made on synthesizers, turntables and mixers.

I salute Buckcherry for bringing some of that back! I guess you've heard them on the radio, their song "All Night Long" is frequently played on 95 (Sadly one of the few radio-stations in India playing english music). Even Five Finger Death Punch have launched this new version of "Bad Company", an old 80s rock-a-long by a band of the same name.
And if you're looking for some 80s glam revival, HELLyeah [No kidding, it's a band!] have a song called "HELL of a time" [No kidding,it's a song!]. Don't be misled by the cheesy name, it's not bad. There's a Shinedown with "Diamond eyes", proper rock too.

Also I think a few guys must be missing some of that old Linkin Park shit, the rap-core stuff. I heard a tiny snippet of "Undead" by Hollywood Undead [Seriously there's something wrong with the way bands and artists are naming themselves]. Seems very rapcore-ish,but it's not quite the Hybrid Theory-epoch LP.

Skillet, a little heard of band in these parts, amazed me with their female. Their female vocalist. Their female vocalist drummer [Damn that gets better with every sentence].
It's kind of surprising how she sounds a lot like the Flyleaf chick in "Hero". It has a great chorus, but the riff in the first few seconds kind of sounds like "Naagin" by Decibel. 
(I guess you've heard of it)

(2009 stuff,this)

Oh, and I almost forgot. The Wizard of Ozz [Ozzy] has come up with "Let me hear you scream". It's not all that good ["I don't wanna stop" from the previous album Black Rain was made of better stuff] but you have to admit, Ozzy is the epitome of what metal should be - eternal , black and badass.


I compiled a playlist of some old, some new, some known and some not so known rock songs. I guess it's plenty of fuel for any of you listening to Modern Rock and Alternative. 
I've put a lot of mainstream stuff in there too. Yes, maybe you've heard a lot of stuff in there, but you've not heard them since quite a while, so try it.

  • #1 Nickelback - Follow You Home 
  • #2 Red - Breathe Into Me
  • #3 Breaking Benjamin - Breath
  • #4 Linkin Park - Breaking The Habit
  • #5 Audioslave - Bring 'em Back Alive
  • #6 Yellowcard - Breathing
  • #7 Coheed and Cambria - The Broken
  • #8 Incubus - Megalomaniac
  • #9 Three Doors Down - Right Where I Belong
  • #10 Puddle of Mudd - Control
  • #11 Blur - Song 2
  • #12 A Perfect Circle - Pet
  • #13 Sterr - Ever Done Before 
  • #14 Jane's Addiction - Superhero (Yes, the Entourage intro)
  • #15 Skillet - Whispers In The Dark


Airbourne - Runnin' Wild [Ft. Lemmy (Motorhead)]

It's as if AC/DC and Motorhead had sex, and the modern generation's been blessed with the balls-to-the-walls rock of the 80s. Airbourne's been a major driving force in bringing back the hard rock sound. This song shows that, and will have you air guitar-ing in a minute. This song's kinda old now that this launched in '06 and they launched a new album "No Guts, No Glory." in '09, so if you want to hear new stuff you might wanna check that out.
If you've been looking for this kind of stuff since ages, check out "Girls In Black" from Runnin' Wild too.


Anyway I guess that it's for this week. Keep rockin'.

Audiophile 93

P. S. Chicks, I've still not got your photographs. Use a courier,will ya?