Thursday, August 12, 2010

#2 : Kevin Rudolf, and some other stuff

 Album : To The Sky
 Artist: Kevin Rudolf
 Date of Release: June 15,2010

Assuming that you've not heard Kevin Rudolf, go out and check out "Let It Rock" first.
You get an idea of what Kevin Rudolf is - a pop, rock and hip-hop artist all rolled into one.

LINK: Kevin Rudolf - Let It Rock (Ft. Lil Wayne)

After his album "In The City", he's come up with "To The Sky" that released a while ago, and now I can imagine some people thinking "Why is he posting a review of an album 2 months later?".
Well if I did review Black Label  Society's "Order of the Black"that released just a few days ago, and said that "Crazy Horse" was the best thing ever, you'd not read beyond this point. 

Not that I'm doing this all for the view count, actually "Crazy Horse" sucks. In case you were looking for badass, balls to the walls metal songs, I'd suggest "Overlord" and "Parade of the dead" from the same album. Also proceed to close this window and or tab. I guess I'll write about that some other day.

Okay, so back to Rudolf.  The quickie review:

I Belong To You (LANY) Has a seriously appealing quality and the way it's so happy and upbeat makes you want to sway. At last,some pop that is tolerable, and leagues above previously mentioned 12 year old girl. "Crashing Down", "What Do You Got", "Must Be Dreamin'" and "Big Timer" all seem to reflect this side of Kevin Rudolf, something that's instantly likable for mostly everybody other than metal-heads. Then there's a mix of pop/hip-hop in the form of "I Made It", a track featuring Lil' Wayne, Jay Sean (whose rise to the forefront of Rn'B and Hip-Hop  has been quite extraordinary) and Birdman and "Spit in your face" which features Lil' Wayne again.

And intertwined in the happiness of it all, are total unadulterated party starting machines like "Late Night Automatic" and "Don't Cry", and also "Watchu Waiting For". (For some reason,I don't "dig" the "gangsta" spellings.) Another party hit would be "You Make The Rain Fall" with Flo' Rida, who is as distinctive as he was in "Right Round" that featured Ke$ha 
(Seriously? $ is not even gangsta).He does the same "Right Round" gig, rapping in between with phrases too fast to even begin to comprehend. Still good though (and is already huge around the world).

All in all, I guess the album does deserve a 3.5/5 ☆ star rating for being very listen-able on the whole, but I really can't see myself listening to this say 2 years later. But by that time, hopefully, Kevin Rudolf would have come up with something better.


Saving Abel - The Sex Is Good 

LINK: Saving Abel - The Sex Is Good

Few or no reasons to dislike this song really, it came out a while ago and I listened to this a lot of times. Jared Weeks' vocals are a pleasant affair, and you'll love the way this acoustic rock song progresses.Miss America, as a whole, is a pretty decent rock album and suppose you guys should check it out.


Room 5 - Make Luv (and listen to the music)

LINK: Room 5 - Make Luv

Not exactly very old, but old considering that house is a relatively new genre. This track released in 2003 and reached the #1 spot in European charts for one,and only one reason:
this is the song you'd hear, when you go in your Aston Martin DB9 with the most desirable member of the opposite sex to your private jet plane leaving for Miami .. I think you get my point. Also featured in an old AXE Pulse commercial. He's been on hiatus for 3 years, I hope he makes a comeback with something as awesome as this.


Anyway, I guess that's it for this week.I haven't been able to find good alternative/modern rock songs, and this post seems to be a bit too focussed on reviewing and providing songs to you guys. Trust me, there's been little to talk about in the music scene. 

Till next week,
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P. S. To any chick who was partly or wholly offended by my chastising of Iglesias and/ or Bieber, I'm s..

... till not apologizing. 


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