Tuesday, December 28, 2010

#8 : Ghosts, sprites, spirits, and stuff (Contd.)

         "Merry Christmas!"
"Lol, BH (Bah,humbug)."

This isn't a new post. So I'm calling it a continuation of #8. And you can consider it as gifts from good ol' Santa.
Anyway, I've discovered a few more partystarters. And here they are.

First up, Moar Island n' Stuff, a vocal edit from a Pendulum track. Ghosts n' Stuff (From which the aforementioned track has come to existence) too had Rob Swire from Pendulum doing the vocals. Will get your attention at from 1:30.

This next one became viral on facebook, and for good reason. It's life changing, to say the least. D n' B executed brilliantly. I don't know if you have a spiritual side, but believe me, you'll feel one with yourself. The vocals are just.. beautiful.

The next one will change your mood again. It goes by the name of "Heart of Gold" by Maury, mixed by Jaybee. It's an unofficial mix not on any EP/album, and is, maybe, part of a live set. It's probably one of the best club mixes I've heard in a quite a while, and I've had this one on repeat, which means it's a must hear. But there's a problem.

It's unavailable on YouTube.
And it's pretty much sequestered from any modern means of transmission.

The only thing I could find was a Russian site where you can hear the song. Need not worry, there is a only a 'Play' button you have to click to hear it (Download button fails to work). If you wish to hunt down and find it for your iPod, you'll find some progressive mixes with this song on torrent sites. Or you can have me give it to you via Yahoo Messenger or whatever you kids use these days.

Believe me, you'll want it after you hear it.
Link to the awesome club mix. Click here.

If you've visited my blog before, you'd notice the recent addition of an iPod to the end. I've removed the Autoplay setting for your convenience. Be sure to check out the playlist there. I've added new songs, among which is one called "Summernight Symphony" by Juventa, which will play as soon as you click on the play button in the widget. Albeit the lack of vocals, it's a great trance track. Give it a hear.

And lastly, I've got three words for you.
Swedish. House. Mafia.
For the uninformed, this is the trio of world renowned house artists Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso and Steve Angello (All in the Top 20 according to DJ Mag, FYI). I've posted a more recent track called One (Instrumental)/ Your Name (Vocals from Pharell) by SHM a few posts earlier. Check that out too if you haven't.
The track's called "Leave The World Behind" and features Laidback Luke (A prominent House music figure) and Deborah Cox. This track grew on me, and has become a recent favourite. The video reminds me of the DAMN GOOD LIFE. Ah, man. Miami.

And that's all the goodies you get this christmas. A happy new year, people.

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