Saturday, December 11, 2010

#8 : Ghosts, sprites, spirits, and stuff.

Okay so it's been a month since I posted, and seriously this blog is beginning to die. It doesn't seem like I'll be posting much in the next 5-6 months, due to preboards, boards, coaching and entrances. (For anybody not in India - the final 12th grade examinations are carried out a lot differently here. And there's not one specific exam that everyone must give regardless of the stream they're pursuing. It's crazy, yeah, and let me tell you, the system is changing, but a bit later than what I would have liked.)

Time to party?

(Yes,you've heard it before, but it's awesome.)

Yeah! It's the end of 2010!  And we usher into the new decade with parties and raves and what not. So this time, it's going to be mostly Electro House and Dubstep. So I'm pretty sure the rockers are dissapointed, but I have a few songs for you at the end, feel free to skip all the EDM parts.

I don't think I really need to introduce you to Electro-House, it's probably the most played genre at any discotheque. 125-140 beats per minute, pretty heavy on the bass, and these days a lot of traditional instruments are heard, and to great effect. You probably know all about Akcent and Edward Maya by now, I wouldn't bother you. I'll come to it later though.

And Akcent is coming to New Delhi on 10th, an event that I'll miss even though I can walk to the venue. You know why. FML. So let's get on, shall we?

I went on to discover dubstep recently, a somewhat new genre that's becoming very prominent. I really relate it to Robot Rock, it's really as if Iron Hide or Optimus Prime would be doling out some cool moves to this stuff. A massive thank you to Tanvi for linking me to Skrillex, the newest phenomenon in Dubstep these days. He's currently the protégé of well known "I'll do whichever genre I want" Deadmau5, being a part of his mau5trap recordings. I see Skrillex coming out and becoming a legendary dubstep producer on his own though. Talent can't be contained. What really surprised me though was that that Skrillex, a.k.a. Sonny Moore, was a part of a post-hardcore project circa 2007. That is one massive change of plan. And for the better.


Search Results

  1. Artist: Skrillex
    Album: Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites EP
    Released on : October 25th, 2010

    So, when I got this EP, I had only heard Skrillex's mix of Hey Sexy Lady, an iSquare number, and I was impressed by his style. To be honest, I'd be pretty much impressed by anything if it was Dubstep, 'cuz apart from a few Deadmau5 tracks and some other artists, I really hadn't gone into Dubstep at all.
    But after having heard some other Dubstep too, I have to say, this guy has talent. And that's why he's under the mau5trap moniker.

    So, we start out with "Rock N' Roll", probably one of my favourites on this album. It takes about a minute to settle in, though, if you're impatient, you're likely to skip this one. The title track, like other title tracks in other albums of various genres, isn't the best song around. But it's has nice synthesized beats that a Dubstep fan can take in. And with "Kill Everybody", we're coming back to Rock N' Roll grade awesomeness. Interestingly, the next number is a lot more vocal house, which is why it's probably one of my favourites again. Penny sounds dulcet, and it's somewhat like the Deadmau5 mix of Morgan Page's "Longest Road" or even his mix of Medina's "You and I". It's much more than a song, I feel like it's a portrayal of feelings. And I love the little keyboard/monome bits. Scatta will again be on the receiving end of my criticism, but let's not go there. "With Your Friends" makes up for it with a House-like quality yet again. The other 3 songs are mixes of the songs already present on the EP, and i seem to like the original versions a lot better.

    So even though every song isn't a gem, I think it's worth more than just a hear. Maybe a thousand hears. The songs I like have that kind of playability. And these songs make it a must buy/download. 
    3 and a half stars out of five? Easily. Four? Maybe. 


    What else? I heard this awesome Noel Sanger track mixed by Solarity. It's like a certain somebody's trying to make your heart listen instead of your ears. It.. moves you. It's somewhere in between trance and progressive house, you figure it out. But it's genius. That's for sure.

So let's get back to electro house! A certain someone by the name of Pallavi introduced me to DJ BL3ND, and he stays true to the DJ acronym, mixing and creating live sets of other people's music. But he's quite the electro connoisseur, and scavenges for the best of electro. A good way to keep up if you're not the kind to scrounge for music yourselves.

This is the set I was linked to :

Also check out this Afrojack number that's been doing the rounds (spins?).

For the love of house, download this. My brother creates mixes of progressive, vocal, and disco house every month. And it just gets better every time. 

Mystic Sounds (December mix)

Oh and this just came out. Dubstep done dirty.

Anyway, I'm coming to the end of this post. I might post a bit more of electro and progressive house later this month, depending on whether I get the time. Anyway, like I promised -

Ruoska is a finnish industrial metal act much in the same vein as Rammstein (which is like its german counterpart). I really don't get the lyrics but I like it nonetheless.

Also, some stone temple pilots from earlier in the year. I haven't heard this before :s Guess good stuff gets suppressed by the news of Gaga's sartorial sense?

And that's it? It's kinda rushed, isn't it? What can I say. Life's a bitch.

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