Sunday, January 30, 2011

Leave Of Absence

Yep, this blog is going to die. 
And then it'll COME BACK, TO LIFE!

Later, that is.
Kinda bogged my boards, entrances and other mindblowing stuff. [And I mean that literally, ofcourse]. I had thought of keeping the next post for the acoustic guitar aficionados,  but sadly, I think you'll have to wait for that one till after I go through this ordeal. Right now, I can only post about a few songs, and yes, again, EDM. I kind of find myself getting obsessed with Trance and House.

Starting off, something so commercial you'll have to like it. Sorry.

Chris Willis - Louder (Put Your Hands Up)

 It's produced by David Guetta [All hail]. So quite obviously it's going to be chart busting, hip turning, shoe-squeakingly good. Typically Guetta-House. And Chris Willis is the oh-so-soulful voice behind 'Gettin' Over You' and 'Love is Gone' [Other famous Guetta hits]. Characteristically has a very sinfully low bass that really can test the guts of your music system.

[Yes, dudes, play this in your car while you pass by a group of Hotties in Khan Market/GK I. Note : Brazilians, Argentinians and people of any other nationality. This is just a habit we New Delhi boys have.]

I also heard this great Wolfgang Gartner track called Illmerica on one of Epic Twelve's [YouTube DJ] mixes. Great track. Probably what was missing were vocals, and Axident came up with a brilliant mashup - adding La Roux's Bulletproof.

I think the next one has been heard by all of you.
T-Pain and Pitbull, you're familiar with them, right?

Also, I heard a mix by Avicii of Nadia Ali's , i.e. IIO's very famous EDM hit of the 90's
called 'Rapture'. After the vocals, there is a gem of a tune. Until then, it's spandex/
latex/ something-ex suits and a good looking Pakistani woman who sings. So yes,
you'll be entertained.

And so, we come to the last one? [OMG SO SOON, and all that.]
It's another mashup featuring Pendulum's "The Island". This time, instead of Deadmau5
we have Eric Prydz, a.k.a Pryda's "Pjaano" in the mix, which does well to create a slightly calmer vocal house track.

And that's that. I know, it's almost like I gave you a 5 minute crash course on what House sounds like. Sorry for that. But that's it for this week. Don't have much to say to you bums who still visit my blog [No I love you guys .. awwwww xoxo].

Audiophile 93

P. S. No, no. Wait. There's something more.

Finger Eleven - Living In A Dream

Their WWE association continues after Kane chose one of their songs for his theme. You might have heard this band from another track called "Paralyser", and this is much in the same vein. Fun. Rock. Roll.
The official track for the WWE Royal Rumble, 2011.