Friday, August 6, 2010

#1 : Intro

Why should I be following this?
I'm gonna cut your goddamned head off. See if that works.” - Wolverine

Nah, just kidding.

Sure, you've got that question stuck up in your head the minute you saw this (I'm think I'm being overtly optimistic by assuming anybody sees this,or ever does.)  To be honest, you'll not even have that question in mind but anyway.

Each one of us has a unique taste in music that we call our own. Unique, just like everyone else. 
The entry of a plethora of artists in the music scene did not necessarily imply a new era of varied, diverse, different and distinct music. That would have actually implied that "mainstream" would not exist, but as is obvious,it does. 

Three things,

One.  I'm not a fan of Lady Gaga, Kylie Minogue or whatever it is that the two hundred odd million people listen to these days. I'm keeping up with the times, but not quite. I don't care how much of a phenomenon Bieber is or how cute you think Jaden Smith looks when he raps alongside the aforementioned 12 year old girl. I also wish, that one day, Enrique Iglesias sounds like a dude.
(Chicks are going to kill me for saying this.)

Two. You don't need to cogitate from what I wrote previously that I dislike mainstream music, it's pretty good sometimes. It's just that no one goes into the depth of things, and a lot of great acts never get the credit they deserve as they continue to remain silhouetted against the starry backdrop of  Rihanna, Flo' Rida, Kesha, et cetera, et cetera.

Three, and most importantly, I listen to a lot of music. Everything that ever released on vinyl, cassette or CD. Okay maybe not everything, but anything between the time Louis Armstrong retired from his music career and Jeremy Carr came on.

Genres that I like:

  • Progressive, alternative,modern and classic rock
  • Rap and Hip-hop Blues 
  • Progressive house, vocal trance, and a bit of electro-house and disco-house.
  • World music
  • Pop
  • Heavy metal, post-hardcore
  • Grunge

I'm being a hypocrite by calling myself an audiophile as I don't possess a pair of Sennheiser HD800's or have a pair of Bowers and Wilkins in my living room, but I try my best to procure anything. And oh, since I'm living in India, everything is doubly expensive,however infinitesimally small that it may be.
So I get  by the lesser mortals like Alpine, JBL, Altec Lansing, Pioneer, Sony, Optonica and actually even lower end Sennheisers (like PXC-250s).

I'm also a guitarist and produce my own music at my little studio @home. At present I possess these two:

Washburn Acoustic and an ESP AX-400FM ( ' 08)

I have a tiny MG10CD but I'm not really using that, preferring to channel the sound through my iMac (using Garageband for effects) to an Altec Lansing 2.1 system as computer speakers. Astonishingly good results with this, much better than a 30W modelling amp in my opinion, but yes, buying an amp is long due, and I will soon.

Anyway, that's it for now. Sorry all this introduction bit gets a bit boring, but this blog will get better as time progresses.

Audiophile 93

P. S. - For all those actually wondering where the music was in this post :

Kaskade-Human Reactor (Ft. Polina)

A catchy vocal house track from Kaskade off the album "Dynasty". It reminds me of a certain Blaupunkt advertisement that used to appear on television a while ago. Kaskade's just getting better and better. The bass beat is a digital endorphin, and the song is complemented by stellar vocals from Polina. Dulcet, and addictive. 


  1. hey gaga is amazing! and i hate enrique too. don't stereotype.

  2. I Love Enrique! :P
    Honestly..This blog is probably JUST what u needed!! :D
    All the VEry BEst! :)

  3. @Rhea.. thanks :)

    @Ambika.. I'll try my best not to!

  4. You got a.. nice start. But seriously, what would you write about? (Don't be savvy and say : Music) like, what really?
    I like your colour scheme too.
    Oh, as a Lehman, i hardly got what you said about all the techie things. Music Jargon. :P And blogger has this problem of images sticking out, i have it too. Try resizing them next time.
    But a pretty good start. I'll wait for the next entry. :D
    And Beiber's 16.

  5. I like it but its *too* technical. If you get what I mean. :/

  6. @ GJ,
    Thanks for visiting the blog. :) I'm trying my best to make it look pretty (since there's not much content, haha) The colour scheme is from a BMW concept car heh, silver black and blue.

    I plan to write music reviews, a blast from the week section,and I guess I can criticise a few sellouts, just letting people get to know other genres of music really, I have loads of ideas for this.

    If you look up the meaning of Audiophile you might realise that I just tried to do justice to the term. Atleast I should know high fidelity equipment if not possess it. Anyway that's the end of it, really, if I start discussing the pros and cons of Alpine's 2-DIN systems, nobody's going to follow this.

    Yeah images are sticking out, but I really wanted them to be full-size, there's a huge difference between X-Large and Large.

    Lastly, I didn't want to be correct with his age, it was a deliberate attempt to mock him. He does sound like a 12 year old girl.
    Baby,baby.... blargh

  7. You're an inspiring writer.
    You asked me to read your blog a while back now, but i never did.
    Nowthat i've read it, i think its pretty amazing.

    Sum up in a word, what music means to you. Dont be too corny. Be honest

  8. It's corny.. but I'm being honest.