Wednesday, November 10, 2010

#7 : Keeping Promises

"Hey! Hey!
 Excuse me!
 Your mother.. soooo fat, that when sheee jumppp for joyyyyy,
 She got stuck." - Russell Peters

Actually, I'd really thought about going about my blog posts in a sequential order, genre by genre till I cover them all, and then going on to post about new releases biweekly, but that's not how it's panned out. Rap/ Hip - hop was scheduled for my seventh, and then I thought, what's the use of me introducing you to 50 Cent, Eminem, Snoop Dogg, Lil' Wayne... you get my drift. And generally the not so known rappers really don't make sense to me, in either of the two ways :

a) Too fast - Like when Flo-rida says something really really fast. Then again, so many people listen to "Low","Right Round" and "Club can't handle me".

b) Lyrics make no sense - Too many examples to cite.

So I'll probably link you to a few good hip-hop songs every once in a while, okay? 

On other news, DJ Mag posted their Top 100 DJ List, and predictably, Armin Van Buuren retains his top spot. Actually it's David Guetta who surprised me, I really don't think he's that great, but due to his collaborations with Akon and all, the house phenomenon has 11 mil. fans on facebook, and that's a lot. Van Buuren has only a million. 
Guys, you've already heard of Tiesto, he's number three. One of my favourite progressive house/ electro-house artists Deadmau5 is #4, and then the trio of Above and Beyond on #5. I've talked about their podcast before, and no. 340 and 343 are fantastic, including guest mixes by artists such as Jon O'Bir. It's free too, downloadable via iTunes. Get it!

Actually, I've just discovered more house this time, but it's been great music from artists I've not heard of. Take this for instance, Starchaser - A New Society, mixed by Thomas Schwartz. He clearly gets his influences from Deadmau5 and Adam K, puts his own touch in this song as well, and the result sounds so much better than the original.

Anyway, check out these other house tracks as well, it's very good stuff.

1. Shingo Nakamura - Memory Of The Sea (Beautiful house track, the piano's excellent.)
2. Alex Lamb - Freedom (Incognet Rework Mix)
3. Jean Elan - What It Takes (DBN Mix)
4. Dirty South - Areena (Thomas Gold, David Tort & David Gausa)
5. Tiesto - I will be here (Wolfgang Gartner mix)

And we had the EMAs this month, and as expected, Lady Gaga, Ke$ha, Eminem and BIEBER won awards. Cheers to Paramore, and 30 Seconds to Mars on their success. Yes, I'll ignore the other artists whose combined fan following is ten times of what Paramore's and 30STM's is together. The gags really sucked though, and the bummer is, most of the winners at the EUROPEAN music awards aren't EUROPEAN. -.-

Also, hip-hop fans, I thought I'd introduce you to Gorilla Zoe. He's a great artist who's not getting as much attention as he deserves, even though he's worked with hip-hop moguls like Lil' Wayne. I really like "I got it", give it a hear.

Anyway, that's it for this week. Yes I know it's pretty short, but what can I say. I'm finding less time these days. Apologies.

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  1. You're concentrating too much on being commercial. Make it more personal, you'll do wonders. Not music's new yellowpages,no
    Something more from the heart, something enigmatic and cpativating.
    Humans are in a constant quest to comprehend the unfathomable, you're stating facts.
    The ardour, its missing.
    - S

  2. I partly agree with what you said. I find this blog becoming more of an excuse to spend more time on the PC,rather than it being a channel for new songs, artists and genres. I know I'm not doing my best, but I think you'd sympathize if you knew the amount of work I have to put into, especially since I'm planning on becoming an engineer.

    I don't think I'm too commercial. Maybe just a little.
    I think by being anti-Bieber, anti-Lady Gaga, anti - Britney Spears, anti - Jonas Brothers, anti - Miley Cyrus, anti-Rihanna and so on, I've set myself apart from those hundred or two hundred million people who do like them.

    Yes, I know Bieber does get a lot of hatemail, so I'm not so different. But I do plan to give the blog a personal touch. Also, how many people like Metal and Electro - House? It is, an eclectic mix.

    And by the way, enigmatic, captivating and unfathomable brought this to mind :

  3. Dont mistake this for a "hate mail", lol
    I'm a fan. Not very discreet,but a follower.

    I know how much work you're putting into this, but you see, wouldn't you rather have 2 people who really care about reading whats written, instead of 50 people who click the 'follow' button as a sheer ritual, an obligation to a friend?

    See, i love your blog. i've read every post. But somehow its getting too cliche. I really believe you have potential,you do.
    But, spiderman spoof, REALLY? I was hoping it'd be some enthralling song.

    Anyway, why dont you do an edition on individual artists?

    Watch this guy perform. He's epic. But theres something really really poignant, yet unsettling about the way he conducts himself. He's disturbed. Now, i know the reasons why. But, what im saying is, take up things like these. Things that we can see but not comprehend. I love this band and i've been observing his behaviour and it used to baffle me. So, i did the research.
    Do something like that, something more.

    - S

  4. Oh, I know it's not hate mail, because haters would not spend the time to write comments with such fine diction. I guess you do have a point, but you must realise that a lot of people don't follow my blog because of the follower count, even though someday, when their boredom compels them to actually read the blog, they might actually like what they see and follow it. I really don't know who or how many follow this blog.
    Anyway, it's good to get some feedback.

    Let me assure you, S. , that I too will talk about not so well known musicians who inspire me and intrigue me, whose music revivifies me. But not now. Not for some time. If you can live with my 'commercial' biweeklies, I promise you that your perseverance will be rewarded.

    By the way, the spiderman spoof ticks all those boxes, along with one labelled 'ROFL'.

  5. Oh, and I can't believe you're enamored by James Maynard Keenan. Because I am, too.

  6. I am.
    He's inspiring.
    Okay, i shall wait.
    - S

  7. I hate Bieber.
    That bitch must die.

  8. @Disguise
    An insufferable death. I'm glad to see a random hater. Bieber's the quintessential sellout.

    @ Anonymous

    Gee, this post sucks. Thanks, Mr. / Miss S.

    I'll be working on some material as soon as my examinations get over. Sorry for the delay.